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Stamp Collecting : Conservation Resources and References

Conservation Resources and References
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Public Broadcasting Services - The American Experience:
War Letters / Save Your Letters

Featuring Linda Edquist from the National Postal Museum.


American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)
The national membership organization of conservation professionals dedicated to preserving the art and historic artifacts of our cultural heritage for future generations. AIC offers a Guide to Conservation Services to help institutions and individuals locate and select appropriate conservation services.

Free informational brochures available online. Click here for links to the following sites:

• Caring for Special Objects
• Caring for Architecture
• Caring for Books
• Caring for Your Ceramics & Glass Objects
• Caring for your Furniture
• Caring for Your Metal Objects
• Caring for Your Paintings
• Caring for Your Photographic Materials
• Caring for Works for Art on Paper (Spanish Translation Available)
• Caring for Home Videotape
• Caring for Your Textiles
• Matting & Framing Works for Art on Paper
• Caring for Your Treasures: Books to Help You
• Locating & Selecting a Conservator

Canadian Conservation Institute / Preserving My Heritage

Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)
CCAHA serves cultural, educational and research institutions; individuals; corporations; and private organizations throughout the United States. Preservation information available online.

Conservation OnLine (CoOL): Resources for Conservation Professionals
CoOL Site for the General Public

Henry Ford Museum / Caring For Your Artifacts

International Society of Appraisers (ISA)

Library of Congress Preservation: Collections Care and Conservation Information
Library of Congress / Frequently Asked Questions

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) / Preservation Information

National Archives of Australia / Index of Advice on Preservation

• Protecting and handling paper files
• Protecting and handling archival volumes
• Protecting and handling maps and plans
• Protecting and handling photographs
• Protecting and handling objects
• Caring for your family archive
• Archival quality packaging

National Park Service (NPS)
Conserve O Grams are short, focused leaflets about caring for museum objects published in loose-leaf format.

• Window Mats for Paper Objects
• How to Flatten Folded or Rolled Documents
• Polyester Encapsulation
• Exhibit Mounting Variation for Objects on Paper
• Making Mounting Corners for Photographs & Paper Objects
• Storage Enclosures for Photographic Prints & Negatives
• Caring for Photographs: General Guidelines
• Caring for Photographs: Special Formats
• Caring for Color Photographs

Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)
Its mission is to improve the preservation programs and to provide the highest quality services to institutions and to provide leadership to the preservation field. Disaster and preservation information available online.

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
Article on Caring for Paper Artifacts.

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